Nervous Patients

Worried about your treatment?

Most people cope very well with dental treatment, and the majority of implants can be placed with only local anaesthetic.

If you are anxious about your implant treatment however then sedation might be the option for you, and this will be discussed as part of your treatment plan. If you have sedation you will not be conscious of the treatment being performed, and you will have very little if any recollection of events once the sedative has worn off.


How is sedation given?

The sedation drug (called Midazolam – or Hypnovel) is given through a small cannula in the back of the hand. Similar drugs can be given as a tablet, though the effect is weaker and less predictable.


Am I awake when I’m sedated?

The answer is probably yes, although some people may enter a very light sleep. Sedation is different in this respect to a general anaesthetic where patients are fully unconscious. Being awake is helpful as it allows you to tell us about how you are feeling and whether you are comfortable.


What are the advantages of sedation?

  • It is very effective at controlling anxiety, or fears of dentistry that may go back to childhood.
  • If you have a particularly sensitive gag reflex then this can be reduced. This is especially useful if an implant is being placed further back in the mouth.
  • Sedation is particularly useful for longer procedures (perhaps when multiple implants are being placed), as the drug has the useful effect of making treatment seem only a few minutes long.

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