Single Tooth Replacement

This lady was missing a lower right back molar tooth, meaning that she was struggling to chew on this side and the teeth on the left hand side were showing signs of wear. You can also see in this case that the tooth behind the gap is starting to lean forwards – this is often the case when back teeth are lost. In this picture the implant can be just seen under the gum line.

Here you can see the healing abutment coming slightly through the gum. This is placed either at the time of implant placement (as in this case) or 8-10 weeks later once the implant has healed in the jaw.

Here the implant retained crown is cemented in place. The patient was delighted with the appearance, and more importantly the improved ability to chew on this side. Furthermore, by performing this treatment the tooth behind the gap that was leaning forwards is now protected against leaning any further.

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