Implant-retained Overdenture

This 81 year old gentleman was struggling to wear his full upper denture as it was loose and uncomfortable. It also occasionally used to drop down when he spoke. As a result he would often not even wear it, giving his upper lip an ageing ‘sunken-in’ appearance.

Four implants were placed in the top jaw, seen here fully healed with the abutments emerging slightly through the gum.


In this picture you can see the attachments fitted inside the denture. Each of these attachments will fit onto one of the abutments shown on the previous picture, much like a press-stud attachment on a coat.

These attachments mean the this new denture not only looks great (including filling out his upper lip and giving a more youthful appearance), but is completely secure when chewing and allows William to eat anything he wants. Read Williams short report on his treatment on the testimonial page.

With kind thanks to Chris Wright at Macclesfield Denture Clinic ( for the construction of the denture.

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